Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all night long (all night)

Uhhhhh.. my laptop is working again. It stopped giving power when something happened to the power adapter cord and I think I fixed it.

I want money. Victoria is OK but I am so bored and I need attention. I went to lambrick park church for 5 minutes and left before the service started. while I was sitting by myself this 30-year-old looking guy walked out of "the prayer room" (there was an actual sign beside the room) and starting talking to me in a really exaggerated "caring", direct & possessive tone of voice and (seriously) had one foot on the edge of my chair. I think he had a goatee, or was balding but I would've barfed if I looked at his face. Questions he asked:
-who are you
-why are you here
-is this your first time
-are you from around here
-soo.. what are you about.. like what is your ultimate dream

after lying a lot, i kind of told him that I just wanted to sit here and politely told him these questions were none of his business. He just left and went to go talk to a group of smugly secure suburban teenage boys.

i had just finished text emailing an email to a friend, and the whole situation was really weird.

so yeah, i left and then went home and watched Hook and then got high and thought about my life and kind of moaned and got irritated about everything.

apparently there is a liquor store trailer near cook st. market that sells $7 bottles of wine (red and white). Hoooooly.

I might have got another job at safeway. I biked about 25 Kms to Sidney and rolled smokes while looking at the ocean. Then I got a call from Brittney from Safeway and she asked for my Social Insurance Number which I think I got wrong. She's going to forward it to Human Resources. I asked her if "this means I got the job" and she was like "well... we're interested in you. We just need to confirm a few things."

I have been relying on Matt who owes me money to basically get by, but I guess it's another fun adventure being broke and realizing how fruggle money spending is.

Ohh man.. First paycheck I'll get my pictures from the wedding developed and then I'll buy a bottle of wine and drink it in the park. I'll take pictures...

Victoria is cool right? I mostly feel trapped by the fact that I have to pay to get off the island. I seem to be surrounded by people that are "into" really conventionally middle of the road alternative lifestyles.. like being in a reggae band or being in ridiculously great shape.

I miss being ruthlessly east coast

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