Wednesday, May 7, 2008

neighbours in the sun

what are your favorite things?
have you taken a trip to the grand canyon? and do you have family in flagstaff? did you just recently start to eat organic? do you dream of a romantic getaway in paris? is your father a farmer with a love for goats? what do you think about iron maiden? is your freezer full of steaks?

i am thinking about things so much. there are so many things to share that are funny and interesting, but they are like weird dreams that are difficult to explain.

i like to drive around with my brother and listen to The Game & M.I.A. Black Wall street sounds so scary. If your stock plummets so does your crew and everyone u knew. BANG BANG. ALL I WANNA DO IS bang bang bang bang AND TAKE YOUR MONEY. Cartoon violence.

I am just a sillouette most of the time in the passenger seat

Do you ever think about what it would be like to be someone else. To see with their eyes and experience life in their body? Would it be weird since you know what it's like to see them from the outside? I can't visualize myself from the outside too much, but I'm working on it. I just look at old pictures of myself from 3 or 4 years ago and know that I've changed a lot, and pretend like that person is a stranger and what it must have felt like for other people to have interacted with me at that time.

I dreamt that re-occurring dream where I'm in a strange city on the subway and it breaks down, and I have a lot of baggage. I get chased down by these mysterious people who are trying to kill me for some reason. When I smash the subway window to get outside it's like I'm in a big purpleish cave with lots of mushrooms. I have a use a gun and a metal beam to rip the wall open to get outside. When I do I'm in a field of wheat just before sundown and I have to run really fast through the field to this barn in the distance and I'm still being chased by these evil creatures. They are really crafty but out of shape. I get to the barn and realize I'm in the African savanna or something and then I wake up.

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