Wednesday, May 7, 2008

books groceries blue sky

On overcast days like today my two favorite things are making oatmeal and covering it with saran wrap to watch the moisture condense

and wearing plaid

I might have to spend another hour at BJ's Used Books down the highway to try to find a book to read for the summer. I've been reading Hermann Hesse and Raymond Carver and that's been filling the gap pretty well.

I worked one shift at Safeway and it was STRESSFUL. About half-way through I gave up paying attention to the details I was supposed to memorize because I decided I wanted to work in another department. My manager called yesterday to set up more shifts and I told her I couldn't work in the Deli because it was too much multi-tasking (seriously it is). She said that's ok and it's not for everyone. I don't know if this was a stupid move? Work is work I guess... I don't have a very good work ethic.

Tasks today include: maybe finishing watching Mrs. Doubtfire, taking a nap, callling my manager to see if there is work in another department and buying some brown rice and a case of Blue Sky from the health food store downtown.


phoenix arizona said...

i would NOT want to work in the deli
you would have to touch and cut so much meat

michelle sha-bang-bangs sarah said...

yah no delis but working at safeway is amazing. i love that chain!! i have a safeway card!