Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hungry? On a budgy? Making rice and beans CAN be delish (true)!

Here's how I have been making it. I got the recipe from a Jamaican How-to video on youtube, so I guess this is the Jamaican way of doing it.

 You will need:
-Coconut Milk; powdered or canned
-Rice; basmati
-Beans; black turtle or red kidney (canned is easier)
-Green Onions
-Fresh Thyme
-Hot peppers; Scotch Bonnet or Habenero (if you want it *spicy*)
-Other optional stuff; garlic, onions, ginger (comme vous-voulez)

First measure out the quantity of rice, I use 100ml or roughly half a cup of rice.
Now, put that rice away! Either in a cup or a bowl.
Now, measure twice the amount of rice in coconut milk. I use the powdered kind. Just measure out in warm water then add a spoonful or two and mix.
Next, take two pieces of green onion and separate it in halves. You'll put this in the liquid as is to add flavour. 
Also, take a few sprigs of thyme. You can put this in as is, or just put in the leaves.
Next thing to add is the hot pepper. Scotch Bonnet peppers are really spicy. I cut them into whole pieces so they can be removed after.
With the pot set to high heat, put all these things in together and wait for it to boil.
Next, open up a can of beans. Usually there is liquid inside. I drain this out by opening the can almost to the end. Then using the lid to hold the beans, pour out the liquid.
As a fun and delicious option, one may add curry powder. Simply add... and stir!
OK, so now that it's all boiling and whatnot, you add the rice that has been chillin' all alone waiting to be called on.
Stir it all up nicely and wait for it to boil. When it starts to boil, cover it and put the heat down low to SIMMER or LOW.
SIMMER down now!
After about 10 - 15 minutes it should be done. Make sure it's covered with a lid. If you don't have that, you can use a plate, but make sure you handle with care, because it'll be HOT HOT HOT.
You're gonna wanna remove the peppers... (this should be easy because everything gets pushed to the top when it's done cooking)
...the thyme sprigs...
...and the green onion (if you wish).
THERE YOU HAVE IT! Eat as you wish, but it's extra good with chopped up spinach and served in a whole wheat tortilla (great snack idea).

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Debi said...

thanks so much giving me a step by step! awesome with all the photos. my favorite photo that made me smile is 'now simmer down!' haha.