Saturday, June 4, 2011


i've decided to start reading the gospel of john everyday for a week (any maybe more). I like this one because it focuses on Jesus being sent from God as a word. Like he was born to tell a story, born since the beginning. As far as written evidence goes for his time on earth everything he says makes him sound either like a total madman, or the son of God.

His discourse on being "living water" that you will never thirst again if you drink from it is very interesting. It makes me think that beyond all doubt and human knowledge there is a deeper current of living water that I very much wish to understand... that I would more than understand but to take part in.

Again he describes the Kingdom of Heaven. He also talks about the devil as a liar, which I would very much agree with. It is laid out here that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. For many years, I wanted to be left alone, as if it would be easy to ignore this religiousness of those that try to do good for their own salvation, or on the other hand become rebellious and pragmatic -- to believe that we simply must live our lives and forget about any other Gods or Jesus in the sky to save...

Either way, leave me alone God... I want to do this myself... I will have no part of you, because I'm quite comfortable living a lie... living in my own kingdom to preside over and make my own decisions for.

Good thing there is a third way... JESUS... the man from God, the word from the beginning sent to earth to tell the truth. The ultimate act of love and mercy. Every step of the way, few believed in him, and those that did feared to be public about following him for fear of being killed. This doesn't sound very much like the ubiquitous "popular" church on every corner kind of thing....

I'm just going to keep reading everyday to understand the layers and complexity, and I would encourage you to do so as well

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