Thursday, January 29, 2009

four lives remaining

23 x 4 = dead
i'm 1/5 finished my life

being unemployed has helped declutter a lot of my thoughts
i started a prayer journal where i write my thoughts to God
I was flipping through the Psalms this morning. Lots of depth.

things I want to do in the next fifth of my life:

- sing harmonies with africans
- eat food in jamaica
- go to california
- release an album
- have a long lasting relationship/get married
- visit every major american city and take pictures of empty spaces and faces
- develop a heart for serving others and not myself
- learn learn learn

i feel pretty good today. i've been exercising more, and walking more, and stretching more. it feels less like there are 10 small weights on my shoulders, lower back and neck. and i feel less like a little wooden boy.

i want to eat a whole box of:

minestrone soup makes me so happy

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